• 40,577 Est. 1mi population
  • $46,970 Est. 1mi income
  • 16,200 total square footage
  • 8,800 available square footage

About this Property

This property is located on the SWC of East Valley Parkway and North Rose Street in Escondido, California and is anchored by Albertson's and Home Depot.

There is ample parking and pylon signage is available. This is a strong trade area with dense customer base in the vicinity.

Leasing Contact

Siobhan Byrne

Red Mountain Retail Group, Inc.

Telephone: (714) 460-1516


Property Manager

Property Management Advisors

Pennie Downing - Property Manager

Telephone: (657) 383-4208

E-Mail: pdowning@thepmacorp.com

After Hours Emergency Services: 800-511-7062

Major Retailers

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