Vineyard Square

1507 E. Valley Parkway, Escondido, CA 92027
  • 40,577
    EST. 1mi Population
  • $46,970
    est. 1mi income
  • 16200
    Total Square Footage
  • 0
    Avail. Square Footage

About This Property

This property is located on the SWC of East Valley Parkway and North Rose Street in Escondido, California and is anchored by Albertson's and Home Depot.

This is a strong trade area with dense customer base in the vicinity. Neighboring to Palomar College Satellite Campus, Palomar Medical Center, and Orange Glen High School.

Leasing Contact

Kristin Ambrose
Red Mountain Group, Inc.
Telephone: 714-460-1564
Red Mountain Group, Inc.

Property Manager

Property Management Advisors
Charles Seager - Property Manager
After Hours Emergency Services: 800-511-7062

Major Retailers

No items found.