Topeka Campus Center

1634 SW. Washburn Avenue, Topeka, KS 66604
  • 130,467
    EST. 1mi Population
  • $67,747
    est. 1mi income
  • 23345
    Total Square Footage
  • 9662
    Avail. Square Footage

About This Property

Campus Center is located at 1634 SW Washburn Avenue in Topeka, Kansas on the NWC of Washburn Avenue & SW 17th Street. This is a prime location across the street from Washburn University in a signalized intersection and can be access from all four sides with a total of six entrances. A major remodel is currently planned.

1,108 - 2,560 SF of shop space is currently available. With 6,000 University students within a 60-mile radius of Topeka, this is a great shopping center home to 127 parking spaces.

Leasing Contact

Brenda Benter
Red Mountain Group, Inc.
Telephone: 714-460-1500
Red Mountain Group, Inc.

Property Manager

Property Management Advisors
Shawna Pierno - Senior Property Manager
After Hours Emergency Services: 800-511-7062

Major Retailers

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