South Mountain Plaza

1-33 W. Baseline Road, Phoenix, AZ 85041
  • 19,257
    EST. 1mi Population
  • $53,023
    est. 1mi income
  • 30455
    Total Square Footage
  • 4000
    Avail. Square Footage

About This Property

South Mountain Plaza is located on the south-west corner of W. Baseline Road and South Central Avenue in Phoenix, Arizona. A light rail on Central Avenue (ending North of intersection) is to be completed by the end of 2023.

The center features high Hispanic demographics and located in a dense, in-fill area. In addition, 1,400 SF to 4,000 SF pad is available with a drive-thru.

Leasing Contact

Carol Harder
Red Mountain Group, Inc.
Telephone: 602-977-9202
Red Mountain Group, Inc.

Property Manager

Property Management Advisors
Renee Olson - Property Manager
After Hours Emergency Services: 800-511-7062

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