Plaza 205

10522-10542 SE. Washington Street, Portland, OR 97215
  • 21,779
    EST. 1mi Population
  • $76,667
    est. 1mi income
  • 174363
    Total Square Footage
  • 27248
    Avail. Square Footage

About This Property

Plaza 205 is strategically located at the intersection of Hwy 205 and SE Washington Street in one of Portland's most densely populated areas. Plaza 205 lies at the border of Portland's east side urban core and adjacent to I-205 with close to half a million residents who live within 15 minutes of this location. Plaza 205 is anchored by a new prototype 99 Ranch Supermarket with major national co-tenants Target, Big Lots, Home Depot, and 24-Hour Fitness.

Leasing Contact

Brenda Benter
Red Mountain Group, Inc.
Telephone: 714-460-1500
Red Mountain Group, Inc.

Property Manager

Property Management Advisors
Shawna Pierno - Senior Property Manager
After Hours Emergency Services: 800-511-7062

Major Retailers

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